Muscle Building Protein Pancakes

 Posted by on 05/17/2011
May 172011
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I’ve tried a few pancake recipes and I became crazy about them.  Soon I threw out all those recipes and decided I could make some protein pancakes myself.  The recipe changes depends on my meal plan for the day.  On my workout days, this is the recipe I use to start my day of building muscle and getting stronger.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with it yourself, that’s the fun thing about it.

Muscle Building Protein Pancakes Recipe:

- 3/4 cups of instant oats

- 1 whole egg

- 3/4 cups of liquid egg whites

- 1 tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter

- 1-2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

-Pinch of Salt

- Half a Banana

- Sugar Free Maple Syrup


Directions: Place all ingredients in blender.  Blend until all ingredients are combined to make a smooth consistency or you can keep the batter thicker by not blending it as much.  Spray non-fat cooking oil on to a hot pan and start making some pancakes.  Flip the pancakes over once you see bubbles forming on the top.  Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own with different vegetables or mixtures

Nutritional Breakdown: Calories: 535, Fat: 15 g, Carbohydrates: 60 g, Protein: 40 g

You can adjust this recipe to fit into your diet plan according.  This recipe is used on my main workout days.


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