Nov 192012
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use your mana

Mana can be found everywhere

To continue with the theme of my last post, How to Check Your Mana.  There are moments in our lives when we need an extra boost of confidence, guidance, strength, or even comfort when you feel challenged or uninspired.

When moments like these come along it is important for you to know what’s in your Mana Account.  Just like having emergency funds, sometimes we need assistance when times get tough. You’ve built all of this mana up and you are feeling really good.  Then an obstacle unknowingly approaches.  Now what?

You call upon your mana.

I remember my dad telling me a story when he had to meet for a huge executive meeting.  He didn’t tell me what exactly it was for. I was too young to understand.  But I did know he was very nervous.  He told me before he entered the conference room he said a little prayer and asked for strength from his ancestors. Let me remind you, Native Hawaiians have a deep spiritual connection with the ones who came before us and believe their spirit is always around.

As he entered the room, there were only several others in there.  But when he sat down, he felt the room become crowded.  There was a warm feeling as if people were standing all around him.  Then he felt at ease and confident. After the meeting was over, right when he stepped out of the crowded room, he felt a smooth breeze going through the hallway.

Some may think this was all in his head.  Maybe. But to us, especially him, our ancestors answered his calling for guidance and strength.

All of us come to times when we feel unsure of the outcome, uncertain of one’s decision and headed to failure.  When you call upon the mana sitting in your Mana Account it will help you persevere through these rough times.  Your mana will guide you and give the confidence and answers you seek.

But How do You Use Your Mana?

Like your PIN for the ATM, you need to find your PIN for your Mana Account.  It could be as simple as asking for help, but it’ll depend on how spiritually Ku you are.  It may not be as easy for others. Some may have to confide in others.

I’d like to share with you a few of my PIN codes I use to get into my Mana Account.  You can try and use any of these if they help you.  Or use them for inspiration to develop your own Mana Account PIN.

  • Go into Solitude: I separate myself from everything.  Turn off all electronics and sit.  During this time I talk to myself.  We can be our worse enemies or we can be our own best motivators.  When I speak to myself I actually start to feel my heart thumping and my confidence build.
  • Back To My Purpose: In my special notebook I have my dreams, goals, life’s masterpiece, and vision written down. Every once in awhile I lose focus of where I’m heading or my ultimate vision becomes a bit blurry.  Reading through my notes and adding more thoughts increases my inner strength.
  • Meditate. You would think in solitude I would meditate, at times I do.  But most of my meditation takes place when I exercise. I workout with a training group throughout the week. But on my Saturdays I go to the gym alone.  Lifting weights for me is sacred. Being in my own world and working out is one of my most mindfulness moments I have to call upon my mana.
  • Ha’a. This is one of the most effective secrets of mine and never fails.  When I took part in Lua, the ancient Hawaiian art of warfare, I was honored to learn a few Ha’a or chants. Since I live in an apartment complex, I’m not comfortable with doing a full force Ha’a. My neighbors would probably call the cops on me.  Instead, I do the breathing and visualize the motions in my head and still say the words under my breath but with a strong conviction. Every so often I get goose bumps or the hair on the back of my neck stands up.
  • ‘Ohana. When times get tough, I think about my family.  I think about their sacrifices to allow me to be where I am today.  I remember and reminisce of the lessons and experiences I shared with them.  This simple act, brings focus and courage because I’ve seen how much people they made an impact on and I know they expect the same out of me.

I hope this inspires you to think about how to open up your Mana Account and make a withdrawal.  We all come to moments when we need a helping hand but don’t know where to turn or go.  That’s where your mana can help you.

Questions: Where do you go when you need strength to overcome adversity?

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

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