Oct 162013
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I’ve been lacking on my blog mainly because my mind has been going crazy thinking about my ‘Build a Ku Body‘ talk at Na Mea Hawaii for PONO TODAY.

Last night before bed, my wife asked me to share with her a quick overview of what I’ll be talking about which actually helped out a lot because it created more thoughts.  Yes, she’s the smart one out of the couple, that’s why I call her the boss.

Building a Ku body is a lifestyle.

It’s about choosing to continuously grow each day.  To be Ku, is to be strong, take a stand, to achieve, transform, be grounded, to rise, to be YOU.

We are all here for a unique purpose.  But in order to fulfill the purpose, we must build a Ku body.  That is growing and building a strong body, mind, and soul.

In my last post, You Can’t Give Aloha, my mom especially was perplexed by the idea of not being able to give Aloha.  I believe this is the missing piece of Aloha, especially in today’s society with the young and old.

I covered many of these thoughts in my book, Aloha to You, but like I mentioned, it’s continuously growing and evolving.

To build a Ku body does not only mean to go forward with strength and courage, but to also live with compassion.  It’s about remembering and perpetuating the past, living in the now, and looking towards the horizon.

I’m happy to be sharing my stories and thoughts of Build a Ku Body tomorrow for the workshop series, PONO TODAY.

If you are in Hawaii and would like to cruise with me for a night of strength, mana, and aloha, please feel free to come to Na Mea Hawaii at Ward Center (click here for directions).  The event starts from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.

Here is the official flyer for the event, feel free to bring your family and friends, Aloha to you:

pono today ku body

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