Dec 122012
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I’ve gone over on how you can call upon the mana you have in your Mana Account, here.

But I want to share with you a few secrets of mine.

Every so often we need a little boost of power and strength immediately. Maybe you hit a wall during your journey and need an extra oomph.  I learned these tricks from lifting weights and the challenges it brings.

Being one who loves to workout and especially challenge myself to lift heavier weights – there are times when I need to dig deep and bring out a part of me that lays under the surface.  There is a Hawaiian proverb which depicts this perfectly.

“Mai ho’oni i ka wai lana malie” -Do not disturb the water that is tranquil

When I approach a challenging weight on the bar, I sometimes think about this quote.  You must have balance.  It’s all about duality. The yin and yang. You can’t be afraid of being assertive or showing agression.  Especially when you know what you want and what you desire most.  You do whatever it takes.

I saw how powerful this can be when working out so I figured I could probably use the same idea in everything else in life.  Although my comfort area is in building a Ku body physically – lately I’ve been using this approach towards building a Ku body mentally and spiritually as well.

The following ways to increase your mana in the moment are how I channel my energy towards accomplishing a specific task or goal:

The 6 Secrets to Increase Your Mana Instantly

1.  Visualize the outcome.  Whatever task or goal you are trying to achieve, visualize yourself actually accomplishing it.  Think about how it feels, who’s with you, and what you are going to do to celebrate your success. Actually feel the excitement of reaching your goal.

2.  Take deep breaths.  Sometimes we need to calm ourselves.  From constantly thinking, wondering, and worrying we become overwhelmed.  Pump the brakes.  Be nalu. Slow down your mind.  Close your eyes.  Take in a deep breath.  Then as you exhale slowly open your eyes.  Enjoy the journey.

3.  Self-talk.  You can be your best motivator or greatest discourager.  Your thoughts have a strong effect on your external world and can bring negativity in to your inner world.  Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and say to yourself – “Damn, you’re awesome.” It doesn’t matter if others tell you that you can’t do it.  What matters is if you say, “I can and I will.”

4.  Transformation.  While attending the workshop for Pa Kui a Holo, a native Hawaiian organization that teaches the Hawaiian art of warfare along with the warrior culture, I learned how to transform my body, mind, and spirit into something supernatural.  While performing a ha’a, we changed our mindset and imagined ourselves transforming into the wild boar demigod, Kamapua’a.  I remember I could feel my body shake and skin become warm.  If you can’t do this, maybe you can imagine yourself as one of your favorite super-heroes.  It works for me.

5.  Disturb the tranquil waters.  I don’t always like to use this, but depending on how much power I need, I think about all the people who made fun of me and thought I wouldn’t become anything.  Sometimes this can bring out negative energy but once I knock over whatever obstacle is in front of me, those feelings and self-doubt I felt in the past drift away.

6.  Think of the higher purpose.  On our way towards achieving a simple task or goal, we can sometimes lose sight of our WHY.  We get so focused on the day to day actions that we tend to not look up at the horizon and see the beauty and excitement coming.

I hope you can use some of these ideas or inspired you to find your own ways to increase your mana instantly.  Please take time to share your thoughts or ideas on what you do overcome obstacles and self-doubt?

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.


  2 Responses to “My 5 Secrets to Increase Your Mana Instantly”

  1. Great site! I enjoy your articles.

    Are you still practicing Lua? I’m trying to find a contact number for Dr. Eli (O`lohe Lua). I was wondering if Pa Kui-a-Holo was going to have a beginning workshop this summer 2013. Maybe you could pass on my number (808) 989-9853, BI number. My wife and I relocated back to O`ahu. I think he may remember me, my grand uncle was Charles W. Kenn (O`lohe Lua).

    Much mahalo, a hui hou. E malama pono…

  2. Aloha. I’ve been living in California for the past couple years but moving back Hawaii in July, but still keep in touch with the lua brothers. I know they will have a workshop this August. My brother, Hinaenae, is one of the group’s leaders. He would probably be best to contact about more information; [email protected]. That is really cool that your grand uncle was Charles W. Kenn, I learned about him during the workshop. Thanks for checking out the site.


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