The Health and Fitness Industry Will Screw You Over

It was a long day of coaching and all I wanted to do was hang out with a couple of friends at the bar and enjoy a few drinks.  There’s always that friend who will ask me a smart ass question like, “Is that beer part of your nutrition plan?” He’s usually the out of shape one who spends more hours in the gym than me, never see results, and think it’s because he’s not using the right protein:carbohydrate post workout drink.

I usually answer smart ass questions like that with a, “Yup,” or depending on my mood I’m a bit more candid. But I really can’t blame him.  It’s not his fault.  It’s the health and fitness industry.

As I zig zagged my way to the bar, I bumped into an older colleague who introduced me to his friend, “Coach Aipa is our strength coach,” he said.

“Really? So then what can I do to get rid of this?” the woman said as she raised her arm up and shook it.  I laughed because she was obviously several drinks in.  It really wasn’t a good look for her.

I just smiled.

My colleague said, “I told her she needs to do more triceps exercises for like 20-50 reps.”

She interrupted him and said, “That’s what I told him. My personal trainer told me to do the same and then to do cardio everyday for 45-60 minutes.”

“How’s that going for you?” I had to ask.

She raised her arm again, shook it, and said, “It’s been 6 months and I still have a bunch of this.” She continued to tell me that her friends suggested she try this juicing miracle that makes you loose a bunch of weight super fast and then try that cabbage diet because they really noticed a difference.  “Do you think that’s healthy?”

“There are better ways,” I responded.  I was over the conversation.  She was speaking to me but not really looking at me, I think she may have had a glass or more maybe she was just that drunk.

This is just one example of things I come across that makes me think the health and fitness industry is really fucked up.

There are people who are willing to do anything for a quick fix or results. They are prepared to throw down hundreds of dollars to find that weight loss muscle building phenomenon solution.

For example, There are bootcamps promoting that people lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks participating in their weekend classes.  First off, I think bootcamps are crap because most of them think of the worst exercises possible and make you do mind-numbing reps of them.  Who the hell wants to do burpees for one minute? Back to the purpose. 20 pounds in 4 weeks is ridiculous let alone not the healthiest.  Now it does depend on the individual and where they are, but what you have to ask is how are those people after the 4 weeks.  Still 20 pounds lighter? I doubt it. But bootcamps will make you fit, healthy, and more alive right?

Then we have the health eating experts out there.  Eat this and that combination of foods before this hour and then this and that after that hour.  They layout all of these restrictions, guidelines, food lists, and persuade people how healthy it all is.  The messed up thing is that X healthy diet contradicts this Y healthy diet, and experts from both side debate on the internet on how stupid the opposing diet is which leads to millions of people thinking to themselves, “What the hell do I do then?”

You see it in the magazines with all these empty promises of shredded abs in X-amount of weeks, exercises for a sexier butt, best way to build bigger arms, and the juicing diet that will melt away fat.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of all the crap out there.  The people I coach know that when it comes to health and fitness, I’m very candid and tell it how it is.

“Is it true that you shouldn’t eat carbs after 6PM?”

“I heard olive oil is bad for you.”

My friend did this diet and loss 10 lbs in a week, but she felt super sick. Do you think it’s okay?”

“I read in the magazine that these exercises will give you a flatter stomach.”

Now fitness and health is what I research, read, write about and feel competent in this subject compared to the average person.  It’s what I do for a living, so I can understand these sorts of statements and questions.  I can’t blame the individuals, I blame the damn fitness and health industry.

I’ll be completely and utterly transparent with you.  Weight loss is one of the top problems or trends people search the internet for to get answers or try something new.  It’s a multi-billion dollar market that all these so-called experts are trying to get a piece of. So they create programs, seminars, webinars or whatever with a catchy headline to grab your attention and create a buzz. While there are may influential coaches our there and experts who I believe know what they are talking about and are at the same time open minded, there are more douche-bags out there that ruin the industry.

When it comes to fitness – increase your physical activity levels through walking, jogging, resistance training, biking, hiking, yoga-ing, swimming, surfing, paddling boarding, even having more sex will improve your fitness levels.  I’m not one to say you HAVE to do this and that, because it really does depend (I know everyone hates that answer – but it’s TRUE.)

When it comes to diet – Let’s keep is straight forward.  Want to lose weight? Take in less calories and do more table push-a-ways.  Want to gain more muscle? Increase your calorie intake.  Now what sort of calories you consume will depend on the individual.  I know, there is that ‘depend’.  But it does depend.

I want to help you.  What frustrations or questions do you have? Leave them in the comment section below and let’s try to end all this bullshit together.

About Daniel Aipa

Daniel Aipa is a writer, strength and conditioning coach, and known as the 'Kū Guy'. He believes in building strength both in and out of the gym. He is the author of ALOHA TO YOU and the founder of KŪ PERFORMANCE HAWAII. Aipa's writing is geared towards helping others build a Kū body and live a Kū life, becoming the strongest versions of themselves.

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