Mar 072014
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sandy's beach shorebreak

I am sitting in Chadlou’s Cafe, in Kailua.

There’s a young couple sitting across from each other and both are glued to their iPhones. Their coffee drinks are served to them and they don’t take a moment to look up from their phones to say ‘Thank You’.

Across from them is an elderly couple commenting on the beauty of the leaf design in their cappuccinos.  They are smiling, laughing, and embracing with their eyes.

As I write with life happening around I start to think about what Building a Kū Body means.  I look back at an earlier post, Why I’m a Coach, for reference.

To be Kū,  is ones continuous effort to build a strong mind, body, and spirit.  By doing so we can make a positive impact on the most important aspects of life; contribution, relationships, personal growth, passion, and health.

I became intrigued by the idea of minimalism during my time in California while my wife and I spent two years apart.  It helped my get through those two years of living in solitude away from her and my family.

It’s started with learning more about myself which transformed in to my book, Aloha to You.  I learned how to de-clutter my mind and physical space to think clearly and help get rid of negativity.  I am constantly seeking knowledge about my Hawaiian culture and learning more what it means to be a Hawaiian.  And as always, I’m still exercising which has been a constant in my life.

As I look back at the two couples going through their own separate lives, I realize the beauty  behind a Kū Lifestyle from the older couple.

A Kū Life is about being in the present, preparing for the future, and always remembering the past.

1. Exercise and eating a good diet – helps you become healthier individual with more energy, in order to live a long and healthy life.

2. Being mindful and positive – helps you build your mana and make a difference in the lives of others and future generations through building relationships and contribution.

3. Learning about where you come from – helps you become more rooted in who you are and gives your a sense of connection.

Building a Kū Body is constantly evolving as I continue to learn.  It is a lifestyle that I talk about in my blog, and a lifestyle I will continue to share with you.

Announcement: I’ll be speaking about the Kū Lifestyle tomorrow (3.08.14) at the Wai’anae Public Library starting at 1030am. Hope to see you there. 

Aloha and A hui hou!