Feb 202014
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hawaii hike

All you need to do is give up 1%.

Maybe you are feeling stuck, you don’t know where to start, or just feel like things aren’t going the way you want.

This isn’t some trick or mind game I’m playing with you.  I know how busy life can get and some times we’d rather just relax.  So all I’m going to ask for you to do is give up 1% of your day to build a Kū body.

That is 15 minutes out of your day, or if you want to be exact 14.4 minutes.

Remember, building a Kū body is:

The continuous effort towards building a strong mind, body, and spirit.  By doing so, you can make a positive impact on the most important aspects of life while inspiring and empowering others at the same time.

My goal with The Aipa Project is to create that spark that will inspire someone to make a difference.  Hopefully you feel inspired.

I’m not asking you to give me 15 minutes, I’m asking you to give YOURSELF 15 minutes.

If you need help getting back into shape:

If you need help improving your mind:

If you need help improving your spirit:

  • meditate or pray
  • connect with nature
  • build up your mana
  • learn more about your culture and where you come from
market in korea

Part of my 10 hours in Korea. Learning a bit of my Korean heritage.

Maybe you are thinking, “But Aipa, I’m all good in those areas, I WANT more.” That’s awesome, but instead of wanting more, it may be time to start giving more. 

We can always learn and continuously grow.  ’Build a Kū Body’ is a movement.  It’s a lifestyle that I’m sharing with everyone.

I want you to be Kū for yourself, your family, and your community.  Can you commit 1% of your day towards building a Kū body?

I believe you can.

Team Kū is growing.  Show your commitment to Build a Kū Body by leaving a comment below. Itʻs always good to hear from you.