Fat Loss Mistakes and How to Lose it For Good

All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume, right?

It is that simple but there is so much more.  In this article, I want to share with you some Fat Loss mistakes and how you can lose fat for good.  I’ll try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand.  Sorry if it gets a bit science-y, but just bare with me.  I promise there is reason behind everything I share with you.

With the overwhelming spill of fat loss information, and exercise and nutrition tips, a good amount of it is actually a bunch of regurgitated crap that makes you even more confused. Promises are thrown at you from left and right: how this celebrity loss X amount of fat, or how this diet is used by all these fitness models, and Dr. Oz says this new herbal tea is the key to weight loss and health.  It seems the more gimmicky the idea and ridiculous the promise, people buy it because they want something that celebrities have done or a quick fix to a problem.

My goal is to be like a mommy bird and regurgitate things that are useful, I believe holds truth, and methods I used for results.  When it comes to diet, everyone should be treated differently because we are all different. Exercise is no different.

But enough lecturing, let’s break it down.

Change Your Words

The majority of the people I work with come to me with the goal of fat loss. I’m not one to worry about weight loss.  They are two totally different things.  Those who focus strictly on weight loss can be found imprisoned to cardio machines and look more like they are disappearing before your eyes.

After spending months and hours slaving away on the treadmill and consuming the least amount of food as possible, they reach their goal weight, throw a party, become an expert on Instagram, and then go back to their normal life.  Fast forward a month later – they are frustrated and depressed because they gained all the weight back.  This makes them start the vicious cycle all over again. They tell their inspired followers that challenges happen in life. People praise them for their perseverance and positivity, and continues to view them as an expert in nutrition and exercise. Do you see truth in that?

So let’s not focus on weight loss anymore, you want fat loss.  When it comes to fat loss, you want to maintain as much muscle as possible because the more muscle you have leads to the more fat you are able to burn. Those who focus on weight loss, lose their muscle and end up holding onto a bunch of fat.

Forget about weight loss. Think – Fat loss.

You maybe be thinking, that’s easier said than done.  Yes, it is.  If it were easy, then everyone would be walking around like fuckin’ Spartans. AROOO!

Fact on Diet

When it comes to diet, I like to experiment with different protocols to see how my body will react.  For example,  I’ve done a diet where it suggested to eat a pint of ice cream at night after a scarfing down a whole pizza and then fast for the next day.  That’s just sharing one experiment.

But the real truth is that everyone follows a diet.  It seems when you mention the word diet, people become defensive and act like big babies.  So let’s just cut the crap out and stop making a big fuss over the word diet.  We all follow diets.  Most people follow the shitty diet plan.

The main focus for all of us is to see results.  We all focus on exercise and nutrition for similar reasons, we want to look damn good naked, feel more energy, improve our mood, and of course become healthier.

After looking at what holds people back from seeing the results they want, it all comes down to patience. We can all be impatient because like the little brat in Willy Wonka, we want the golden goose egg and we want it now.

End the Vicious Cycle

How many times have you tried a diet and felt like you have failed?  Or maybe you suffered through following a diet for several weeks which you decided to stop because you were on the verge of running through the wall of the nearest donut shop.

Why do I know this? Because I’ve been there before. I’ve failed, gave into my cravings, and became that salty jackass when I couldn’t have my scoop of rice.

Then there are the excuses to not stick to your diet.  You know, a business party, football Sunday, friends are in town, a birthday, and I’m sure you know a few others.

Instead of jumping from diet to diet or making drastic exercise changes, it’s important to look at the big picture and ask yourself if this way of living is sustainable? Is it something that you can keep stable and all though you may falter a little bit, you can get right back on?

It takes patience and consistency to learn what exactly that is.

What Are You Burning?

In order to function in your daily tasks such as sitting, standing, breathing, and thinking, you need calories.  You even need calories to sleep. For you to function, you must intake a maintenance level of calories known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). There are different formulas where you can figure out your BMR but that comes later.

Adam Bornstein gave a great analogy on BMR, he stated:

Say you have two cars, an Audi and a Hummer. Which needs more fuel? The Hummer does, because it’s much larger and has more demands. Your body is no different. Everything you do, from powering your heart to helping you move from point A to point B requires energy. That’s why the larger you are, the harder your body needs to work and the more calories you burn. Your body wants to be an Audi; you just have to be willing to trade in for a new model.

Okay, So How Can I Get Leaner Aipa?

I could go Mr. Miagi on you and tell you to start with painting my house.  Which in all honestly could help you. But I won’t.

Allow me to just make something clear.  When it comes to transforming your body, know that your body isn’t stuck in looking a certain way and you are able to control your own diet and exercise to lose fat , which over time leads to weight loss.

Instead of making big drastic changes in your life, which has a potential to doing more worst than good.  You can start off with small adjustments in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors. If you focus on the smaller things, you will find yourself moving towards a leaner and healthier you that you can sustain.

4 weeks at a bootcamp or detox diet will not clear you from years of yo-yo dieting, not exercising, and being a victim of the vicious weight loss cycle.

Should You Focus More on Diet or Exercise?

Let’s just make this a known fact.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet. I repeat again: You can’t out exercises a bad diet. Yes, I’m sure you have a friend who always eats McDonalds and is still super lean.  There are people like that. But if you are reading this, you are more than likely not one of them.  I know I’m not.

In today’s society, the majority of the population lives a sedentary life.  Even the people who go to the gym 5 days a week, they are still  pretty sedentary.  You must be active inside and outside of the gym.

Fix #1 – Get up more often

A British research found that a 10 percent increase of sedentary time can result in an additional 3.1 centimeters to your waistline.  From the same research, they found participants who got up more often had a waistline more than 2 inches smaller than those who go up less often. I touched upon this idea in an earlier post where I talk about NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis).

Many of us work at desks. So give yourself reasons to get up from your chair, often.

  • Place the trash bin across the room or down the hall.
  • Keep a glass of water at your desk and whenever you finish it, get up to refill it
  • Use a stand up desk
  • Walk to the park to have your home packed lunch, don’t eat at your desk

Fix #2 – Don’t Fear Fats

Long gone are those days of experts looking at fats as the root of all evil.  Today, we just have to worry about those experts who talk as if you should be intaking fat because it’s the root of all good. It seems like everyone these days has a bacon fetish.  Like everything there is a balance.  Dietary fats have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, improve cell function, decrease LDL cholesterol levels, and improve hormonal function.

Fix #3 – The Answer is Not in Supplements

Before you take any supplements you should get your diet and exercise together.  Supplements are just what they are – supplements.  They are not the solution to the problem.  A UCLA study noted that nearly 70 percent of the people they surveyed didn’t believe that exercise and diet, alone, can help them lose weight.

Fix #4 – Get Stronger and Lift Weights Dammit!

This is especially for the females.  Stop the whole mentality that lifting weights will get you bulky, make you look like a man, and that it’s not lady-like.  There are many women out there who are strong, fit , and still look feminine. When you avoid exercise, you won’t build or retain muscle. This will then make it hard for you to build up the muscles you want and to get rid of the beer/buddha belly in order to unveil a lean midsection.

There are many studies out there showing the importance of exercise on increasing your metabolism and making your muscles and body into your fat burning furnace.  If you need to know more and don’t believe me, check out these past posts:

Fix #4 – Eat to Lose Fat

You must eat to lose.  Yes, you heard me right.  It’s important to understand the thermogenesis effect of certain foods.  I put a lot of emphasis on protein for because of its effects. Protein is a key ingredient to fight off hunger and it also make you feel less bloated.  Protein also takes more energy to digest, so you burn calories by eating food high in protein.  When you include protein in every meal, it sustains you longer making you not want to reach into the office pastry boxes.

Fix #5 – It’s Not All About the Carbs

The increase of weight and build up of belly fat isn’t because you eat carbs.  It simply comes from eating too much unused calories.  When it comes to controlling your weight, your total calorie intake is more important than any particular food. If you have a hard time absorbing processed grains and gluten food.  Then there will be difficulties in getting rid of the fat.  The really problem is that some of us just have a tendency to eat way more than our bodies can use.  Make the majority of your carb sources from from vegetables and fruits.  Don’t freak out about having a dessert every once in awhile.

What else?

I’ve been getting asked a lot about simple ways towards losing fat and how to keep it off.  The main advice I’d give you is to not rush it.  Too many people want something to happen fast so they adopt an intense diet and exercise routine which will be difficult to sustain over a long period of time.

Patience, grasshopper.



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