Oct 152012
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Monday Blues

How can this not make you smile? (model: My cat, Oli)

“Stop being a Sunday Jerk”- Jon Acuff

You get excited when Aloha Friday comes which is then followed by an awesome Saturday.  Then Sunday comes and slowly something changes.  The next day is Monday.

Already you start to grumble and think to yourself – the weekend went by so fast.

Then when Monday morning arrives…

  • You press the snooze button maybe 2 or 3 times.
  • You get upset when you have to get out of bed to get ready for work.
  • You get flustered because you are running late and start to stress out.
  • You find yourself stuck in traffic where over 50% of employees are late for work.
  • You get to work and right away mention – you didn’t want to get out of bed and you can’t wait for Friday already.
  • Then the rest of the day is filled with being unproductive and being grumpy.

Remember, your perception is your reality. Get over it.  Monday is always going to come around.  It’s not going anywhere.

I’ve found ways to enjoy my Mondays and would like to give you a few tips and thoughts about how you can enjoy your Mondays and get rid of those Monday Blues:

1.  Get more sleep. You usually wake up feeling lazy and groggy because over the weekend you created a sleep deficit.  Your body can only handle so much lack of sleep until it shuts down.  If you are one that stays out late, plan on getting to bed earlier on Sunday so you can catch up on some Z’s.

2.  Start a morning routine. I shared my morning routine before.  But especially for those who suffer from the bad case of Monday Blues, I highly suggest you start a routine.  Think of something that you want to do and schedule it for Monday morning.  It could be a yoga class you’ve always been wanting to try, going to the gym with a friend before work, writing, doing some art, cooking  or breakfast with your kids before school.  Start a morning routine that you look forward to.

3.  Wake up with a better attitude. I’m not joking.  I sometimes wake up singing.  I’ll be brushing my teeth singing. We are all closet singers.  Morning is the best time to let it loose and put on a full concert.  If you wake up with the attitude that today is going to suck, then guess what – today will suck.  You can even look in the mirror at yourself and say, “You are awesome!” or “You are dead sexy!”. I’m serious.  Start the day off right with a better attitude first thing in the morning.

***The last two tip may be a risky one but it’s something that needs to be said.

4.  Find enjoyment in what you do. You may have lost the purpose of why you do what you do.  Find that purpose again.  I’m a strength and conditioning coach because I believe I can make a positive influence on young student-athletes’ lives and inspire them to achieve their goals.  I constantly remind myself this.  It gives my job a higher purpose.

But what  if I don’t enjoy me job in the first place? When I was working at a bar as a bouncer, it wasn’t exactly my dream job. But,  I focused on what I enjoyed – meeting and greeting people. Being ho’okipa.  I knew all the regulars by name and they knew me.  I looked forward to work because I got to see them again and talk stories.  They always wanted to talk about Hawaii and share their stories about visiting there.

5.  Find a new job.

Caution.  This is a risky suggestion and I don’t recommend you make a decision without thinking about the risks that may come.  But, it’s something that needs to be said.

When Sunday comes and you dread the week ahead even after you spent time on tip #4, then you are doing something wrong between Monday and Thursday.  Fix it.  Don’t quit you job right away, but start looking for another opportunity.  Or maybe start your own business on the side doing something you are passionate about.  There are many success stories of people starting their own business while doing a day job and then quitting their day job to become a full-time entrepreneur.  I would recommend you to check out Jonathan Mead at Paid to Exist, if you are curious about this idea.


Part of what makes my Mondays awesome, is the chance for me to share things like this with you.  I look forward to Monday because it is when my first blog post of the week comes out.  When Sunday rolls around, I can’t wait until Monday comes to share The Aipa Project and help you on your way towards building a Ku Body.

Did you find this post helpful or could be helpful to others? Please share this with your family, friends, and colleagues because I know the majority out there suffer from the Monday Blues. Not anymore!

If this is your first time visiting the site, E Komo Mai (Welcome) and Aloha. You can start here if you want to learn more about The Aipa Project.  I hope you will come back and continue to be part of the community.


Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

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