Coaches Need Guidance Too

 Posted by on 01/10/2014
Jan 102014
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When I was a coach at the University of Redlands I coached athletes all day, I loved it.  I wrote up programs and they did it.

I remember one day as I was leading a group of softball players through a medball circuit I put together, one of them said something that stuck with me.

“Coach Aipa, how’s about one day we tell you what you should do for a workout and we’ll hold the timer.” She said which was followed by everyone agreeing and laughing.

“What? You must be crazy,” I replied.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun,” another said.

Every so often that moment comes to mind.  It’s easy for me to write up programs and tell my athletes what I have planned for them.  I push them beyond what they feel they can do.  That’s what coaches do.  As coaches, it is our duty to motivate, inspire, and guide athletes to their destination.

The last time I had a coach was 10 years ago.  Of course I had other coaches and fitness experts put me through workouts.  I’ve also contacted coaches for help for my programming.

But that last time I was actually coached and told what I had to do was 10 years ago.  Since then, I’ve been writing up my own workouts and training others.  Let me tell you, it’s exhausting coming up for a program for yourself.  I always look at my program and see the down fall.  There’s never a perfect program.

Enter Island Athlete and Aaron Luther…

Aaron and Rugby Player Thomas

Aaron and Rugby Player Thomas

Remember that dude from the Snapback x Deadlifts post? Yea, the guy with the beard I’ll never have.

I was sitting in his house talking stories, until we came up with a great idea.  You see, Island Athlete has a great program.  I’ve looked over their training style and it interests me.

“Yo, I want you to train,” Aaron told me, “like train with Island Athlete. Two days a week with me and you can do your own training on the other days.”

Whenever I come across a new program that makes me wonder, I always want to give it a try. “Shoots, two days a week you can program for me whatever you think I need to do,” I said.

Island Athlete to Train AIPA

Like I said, coaches need coaching too.  I’m actually really excited to be training with Island Athlete.  All I have to worry about is showing up and surviving the training session.  But then of course my other days will be my own training.

Whenever I train alone, I’m always thinking.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not putting my full focus on training because the other part of me is still thinking.  I’m hoping that having some else do the thinking will help my training and also bring new results.

Pretty much, I’ll be able to shut my brain off for an hour and go all out in training.

I’m only choosing to get trained with Island Athlete because I believe they have a program that is effective, and what better way to find out than me experiencing it first hand.

So here’s what’s going down, two days (Monday and Friday) a week I’m with Island Athlete who trains total body with a combination of Strength, Work Capacity, and Stamina.  The other days will be used to work on aesthetics for my competition in April.

Everyone needs a coach.  Coaches Need them Too.

You can do fine without one, but I’m sure you could improve with one too.  Now when I mean coach, I’m not just talking about fitness and athletics.  It also goes for life and business or any other industry.  As a coach you want to bring out the best in your athletes.

That’s what I’m expecting out of anyone I have as my coach.  I want to take it to the next level and I know it’s hard to do it alone.

Are you wondering if you need a coach? Let’s try this.  If you agree to any of these, then you probably do.

  • You’re feeling frustrated and uninformed
  • You don’t have any accountability and lack motivation
  • You want to get to the next level
  • You are ready to throw in the towel on achieving your goal

If you agreed to any of these, then you may want to consider getting a coach for at least consult in one to get you on the right path.  I can be your coach.

I’ve started my Premier Online Training Program, but have room for only 3 more people.  I’m excited about the group I have going right now but I want to take 3 others to the next level and guide them towards success.

For myself, I want to get to the next level in my conditioning and physique and I know with the coaching from Island Athlete, I’ll be ready come April.


Have you ever hired a coach or trainer? What was your experience?