Posted by Daniel Aipa on 01/10/2012
Jan 10 2012

Like I’ve mentioned in previous logs; I’m constantly reading and searching for tips and ideas on how to build more strength, improve athletic performance, and looking damn good.  I came across this challenge called the “Ultimate Warrior Challenge” made by Martin Rooney, founder and CEO of Training For Warriors (TFW). Rooney is internationally known, especially for his

Make Workouts EPOC

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 12/27/2011
Dec 27 2011

Are you wondering how can you make your workouts more geared towards your goal? Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversations about fat loss. I expected this, especially with the New Year coming around. I want to give a quick overview of one key aspect that leads to fat loss. We all know in [...]

Dec 18 2011

It’s the holiday season and many of us feel like we are packing on some holiday weight.  Some of us feel like it’s inevitable because of all the traveling, family gatherings, and company parties.  But what if all you needed was 4-minutes during the day to set aside for a quick workout. I’m talking about the Tabata Method. [...]

Dec 01 2011

One of the main questions I receive on a daily basis is, “What can I do to lose weight?” The purpose of this article is to get you off of the treadmill and change up your usual routine.  I’m not saying that treadmills or other cardio machines are bad, but there is a much more [...]

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 09/02/2011
Sep 02 2011

In my experience being a strength coach and personal trainer, I’ve come across quite a bit of questions when I first meet clients.  One of the main things that comes up is that when they come to the gym they just do this exercise, maybe that one, and that other thingy where you sit down

May 11 2011

After 6 months of dieting, training, discipline, and sacrifice I stood on the stage for my first natural bodybuilding show. Read more about my transformation at Muscle and Strength

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