Posted by on 01/07/2013
Jan 07 2013

Forget about only making a change in 2013.  I’m talking about making a lifetime transformation.  I know some may be getting tired of hearing about setting goals for New Year and that’s why I’m not going there.  I want you to make an overall change to your life. The way you do that - cut the

Posted by on 12/21/2012
Dec 21 2012

Success is satisfying your innate appetite to help other people satisfy their innate desire to help others.  – my dad, Nathan Aipa My idea of a perfect world is to have everyone ‘satisfy their innate desire to help others’.  This is what I mean when I mention Aloha.  We all have a higher purpose in

Posted by on 12/19/2012
Dec 19 2012

I never thought of myself as a book person until recent years.  One of my all time favorite places to go aside from the gym is the bookstore.  I can spend hours in a Barnes and Nobles reading books. I had a realization there are certain subjects that I’m drawn too where I feel actually

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Dec 17 2012

It’s the Holiday Season and everyone is in the giving spirit.  Sometimes buying a gift for your loved ones can be an easy and also stressful thing to give.  Yes, I know it’s fun to see gifts under the Christmas tree and watch everyone open them up. But there are gifts we can give that

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Dec 14 2012

This mini guide will make your days simpler and more effective towards improving your health and daily energy. Health is my priority because I want to be around for a long time. I believe I have a lot to contribute to the world  and I’m just getting started. How important is your health? In today’s

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Dec 10 2012

I didn’t want to write a post about blogging, but I feel this is something important to share with you.  Especially if you are interested in starting one yourself. I’ve been writing on a blog for around two and a half years now.  The Aipa Project has been my main one for the majority of