Dec 04 2013
Fitness and its Simplicity

Information is good.  But too much can leave you confused. Fitness is a topic many make more confusing than it really is.  There are magazines saying you ‘have’ to do this, then a so-called fitness guru says do that, a celebrity did this type of diet and workout, and your friends are telling you they [read more...]

Aloha to You

Posted by on 12/02/2013
Dec 02 2013
Aloha to You

It’s not very often that I click on a ‘submit’ button, let out a big sigh, and hug my wife. When I first published ‘Aloha to You’ – it was a simple downloadable PDF ebook. A project I worked on for almost a year. When I announced that my book was published and available to [read more...]

Nov 04 2013
Body By Aipa Program 2.0

So I started Body By Aipa to offer free programming for those of you who are looking for something to follow.  One of the main problems I hear about from people is that they want to workout but they don’t know where to start. Plus when I get texts, emails, and tweets by friends, family, [read more...]