Mar 102014
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busy schedule balance

It’s probably one of the most common statements I come across.

I’m too busy to get my workouts in.

We can all be very busy.  I’ve been finding myself not able to finish my workouts because there are just so many things going on.  So I can understand.

A busy person can’t spend an hour or more 5 days a week in the gym even if they want to make time.  Busy schedules can take away from being with family, going into solitude, de-stressing, socializing with friends, and exercising.

Although I feel exercise is important, I have a simple guide to help you with your busy schedules to exercise that wonʻt take away too much time from doing other things.  This simple guide may not solve your problem  but it will hopefully give you an idea of how to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Decide what days you can devote to exercise: Busy people are most likely stuck to a schedule.  I see my wife’s schedule and I get stressed for her.  Take a look at your weekly schedule and see where exactly you can put in time to workout.  I recommend you decide on two or three days a week to exercise.

How long should workouts be? Your workout should last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  I’m not going to tell you that 10 minutes 3 times a week will get you in awesome shape because that’s complete BS.

But here’s the deal:

If you choose 30 minute workouts – try to get a workout three times during the week.  They will consist of you having short rest periods, high intensity and compound exercises, and swimming in a pool of sweat awesomeness. Try these workouts instead of spending 30 minutes running by clicking, HERE.

If you choose 60 minute workouts – then you have a choice of two or three workouts during the week. They will still consist of high intensity and compound exercises, you dripping with sweat, but the rest periods will be a little longer. Here are some sample workouts, HERE.

Train total body with compound movements: Forget those bodybuilding magazines telling you to train one muscle group per day.  You don’t have time for that.  Instead, focus on straight up compound movements.  Exercises such as; squats, push press, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups, rows, etc.  Compound movements are exercises where more than one muscle group are being used.

Get strong using heavy weights: Throughout the week it’s great to vary the rep ranges but make sure you have exercises that are kept within the 3-6 rep range with a challenging weight.  I always like to have 2-3 strength exercises of the day while other exercises are kept in the 8-15 rep ranges.

Have a plan: If you go into the gym without having a plan, then you are going to spend too much time thinking about what exercises you want to do.  Looking for a little help? I got your back. But overall, make sure you have a plan so you don’t waste your time and make your workouts EPOC.

Maybe your workouts also help you de-stress and gives you some alone time.  They do for me. So if that’s the case, now you can make sure you spend more time with family and friends.

Aloha and BE KŪ!