Apr 272013
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I hated Alphas.

They were the guys who thought they were hot shit and made other people feel like crap.  I’m sure  you’ve all experienced guys like this.  They made fun of you for having braces, bullied you, and walked around like they owned the damn place.  Or maybe that’s just me and I’m having flashbacks.

Let me just make an announcement.  Those guys weren’t Alphas.

They were Assholes.

This all came clear to me after reading one of the best fitness books I’ve read, Engineering the Alpha 2.0.  Even Tucker Max, Best-Selling author said, “Most fitness book suck. This one does not.”

True statement.

The book is more than just a fitness book, it is exactly what it states,“A Real-World Guide to an Unreal Life.”  I’m a true believer that taking care of your body and becoming successful in the gym and translate to every aspect of life.  The lessons you learn and the confidence you build through working out can improve your life tremendously.

It may seem superficial of me to think working out and getting a good looking body will help you create an “unreal life”, but I really think it does.  It’s all about building a Ku body which is the Hawaiian version of becoming an Alpha.

So what does it mean to becoming an Alpha? Society views Alphas as being someone who thinks they are above everyone else. Instead I learned that Alphas are those who are want to become better for themselves to help and inspire others. They want to build a Ku body.

John Romaniello - Alpha Status

John Romaniello – Alpha Status and Ku

John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein smashed the negative connotation by offering the 7 Traits of an Alpha Male:

1.  Helpful but Not Condescending

2.  Confident but Not Cocky

3.  Vain but Not Conceited

4.  Prideful but Not Arrogant

5.  Humble but Not Self-Loathing

6.  Tolerant but Not Weak

7.  Dedicated but Not Obsessed

This book has opened my eye to another side of nutrition, training, living, and looking at hormones in a whole different light which has made me very curious and excited.  I’m not one to push products on to people, but if you are someone who either likes to workout, haven’t been seeing the results they want, frustrated with nutrition, and is interested in living an unreal life, then this is for you!

Build a Ku Body and Become an Alpha.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

  2 Responses to “Building a Ku Body is Becoming Alpha”

  1. E’o palala Daniel, I have hit a roadblock in my quest to build a Ku body, lack of motivation! It’s like it comes in waves. One day I’m pumped and ready to take on the the world and the next I have trouble getting out of bed! You seem uber motivated, so I was hoping you could give me some pointers on staying motivated, or do I just need to shut up and do work?! Anyways mahalo in advance. Kamalii

  2. Aloha Kamalii. Not to worry,my motivation comes in waves at times too. What helps me out is making sure to remind myself the higher purpose behind what I want to achieve. Like when I want to become fit and healthy, not only do I want to look and feel better but I think about how I have relatives who suffer from diabetes and heart disease and I hope by me being proactive in staying healthy will inspire them to live healthier. It makes the idea of exercising and eating healthy a much bigger purpose. hope that works. Mahalo and Aloha.

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