Sep 202013
Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Looking to try something different or want a workout that is quick and effective that you can do at home, during travel, in the gym, or at the beach? Give this Resistance Band Workout a try.  In this video, I show you a quick workout you can do that’ll help burn fat and also improve [read more...]

Sep 192013
Mental Toughness for Lifting and Life

Let’s just make this clear. I love to lift weights.  Pardon my language but I fuckin’ love it. Coach Maynard at the university I coached at preached, “EXTREME DESIRE” and “MENTAL TOUGHNESS”.  I remember seeing the football team gathering around him during a Friday 6AM weights session at the Bone Yard outside.  Steam rose up [read more...]

Sep 122013
Simple Knee Pain Solution Formula: Part 2

In Part 1, I shared with you the formula from Mike Robertson: Hip Extension + Knee Extension = Happy Knees I focused on Hip Extension in that article and shared ideas as well as drills you can do to improve hip extension.  Actually last night I was showing my dad a few moves because he’s [read more...]

Sep 102013
Simple Knee Pain Solution Formula: Part 1

Who hasn’t suffered from some sort of knee pain? Or maybe you are experiencing some knee pain right now and you have no idea what’s causing it. Usually when it comes to any sort of pain, it’s not always at that specific point – in this case, your knee. There is another area that could [read more...]

Sep 062013
The 2 Main Lessons You Learn in The Gym

  The gym is more than a place where their are barbells, dumbbells, weights, cardio equipment, and whatever else there is.  That’s just the surface.  Some views these things see as just objects and nothing else. It’s way more than that. I come across countless stories of athletes, coaches, fitness models, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and corporate [read more...]