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Be Present

I’ve been receiving great response about ‘Build a Ku Body’ and I really appreciate everyone sharing it with their friends and family.  My hope is to help others begin to reflect on where they are in their own life and where they want to go.  Sometimes it takes a little nudge in order to…


Everything that I’ve put out there for you focuses on one thing – Ku. I mentioned, when I first introduced my concept of ‘Build a Ku Body‘, the word “Ku” has many different meanings.  After researching more, I came across what I think is the real kaona (hidden meaning) of Ku.

Now when I came across this meaning I thought to myself, “Eh, that’s deep.”

But yet it is the truth behind life. The great thing about ‘Build a Ku Body’ is that it is always evolving and will never static. The concept is about developing your mind, body, and spirit and everyday brings something new.

The kaona I came across for Ku is so simple but we have a hard time doing it.  And it’s this:

To Exist.

This thought reminded me of my visits to the Nuuanu Pali Lookout on Oahu (picture above).  There is a lot of history and mana at the site.  In 1795, King Kamehameha the Great won at the Battle of Nu’uanu, the last major Hawaiian Battle that united all the islands.  At that battle, King Kamehameha and his army forced hundreds of Oahu warriors off of the cliff to their death.

It’s hard not to be at that site and be in the moment.  I can feel the presence of my ancestors.  I can imagine the fear in the eyes of those who fell to their demise. The winds are as powerful as the push of the winning side. It’s so strong that it feels like it’ll lift you off of your feet.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit, and just Be.

To be present among my ancestors.

To be present - Eia

There is so much noise in the outer world that we get caught up in all of it.  We lose sight of what it’s like to simply exist – to be doing whatever you are doing and focus on just that.  I went over something this in my earlier post about the importance of solitude.

When I’m taking a walk with my dog, Kona, I do just that.  I don’t worry about where I’m walking, to turn down this or that street, or how long Kona has been sniffing at a tree. Sometimes our minds get filled with worry, fear, doubt, or uncertainty as to what to do next.  There are times when I just sit on my patio and play my guitar.  I become so focused on playing that my mind becomes totally clear, and I’m giving my full attention to that moment.

Remember to be Nalu, my friend.

Be in the moment.


The best way to fully have yourself present in the moment, you must find enjoyment.  That is why it is essential to find happiness in whatever you do.

When you come across a task that you know isn’t your favorite thing to do, ask yourself - how can I make this add value to my life? And How can I enjoy doing this?

Once your figure out the value of the task and how it will help you, find what you can do to enjoy the moment.  It’s all about changing your perception to change your reality.

You are meant to enjoy life and to not be in a constant worry of what needs to be done next.  That’s why Aloha is so important.  When you truly give Aloha, you are present in that moment.  And you know when you are Ku, is when you can honestly say every part of you – mind, body, and spirit – existed right then and there.

For your family. Eia

For your passion. Eia

For your health. Eia

For personal growth. Eia

For your life. Eia

Be Nalu and go with the flow.  Don’t fight against the currents, it’ll only take you further away from your destination.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.



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