Daniel Aipa

Daniel Aipa has a passion for training and writing. If he's not reading a book about training or improving his life, he's probably in the gym. He is the creator of THE AIPA PROJECT. He hopes to inspire and motivate you to constantly challenge yourself and take on projects of your own to become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

Apr 182014
Day 19: 'Onipa'a - Hold Firm and Stand Strong

Personally, the word ‘Onipa’a is not only one of the core values of The Aipa Project but also my life. ‘Onipa’a was the last command given by Queen Lili’uokalani to the Hawaiian people during the end of the monarchy.  ‘Onipa’a means to hold steadfast during adversity and to hold on to your culture and progress forward. During life we will all experience [read more...]

Apr 172014
Day 18: Alaka'i - You are Meant to Lead

The word Alaka’i, is the Hawaiian value of Leadership.  I first came across this value when I was introduced to lua, the Ancient Hawaiian martial arts, when I took a Ke Koa Alaka’i Workshop.  Not only did this workshop peak my interest about lua but also leadership. Our teachers told us that Leadership is simple, it means Influence. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, [read more...]

Apr 162014
Day 17:  Akahai - The Quiet Strength

E noho iho i ke opu weuweu, mai ho`oki`eki`e. Remain among the clumps of grass and do not elevate yourself. The Hawaiian proverb speaks to us to not get all big headed or puff-the-chest out, especially when we come across problems in our lives or have to tolerate other people’s mistakes, and personal opinions. A perfect example was in a [read more...]

Apr 162014
How To a Create Metabolic Conditioning Workout

I would classify a Metabolic Conditioning Workout as muscle-building cardio. When it comes to building muscle and strength, I believe there is an importance in having some sort of conditioning.  I used to believe that if I wanted to become bigger and stronger, that I should do zero cardio. Although, I was able to achieve those goals – when it [read more...]

Apr 152014
Day 16: Ikaika - Become Strength

Don’t just ‘get stronger’…BECOME STRENGTH -Elliot Hulse Whenever I’m asked, what does it mean to live Ku, build a Ku body, or simply be Ku, I always reply with – to become stronger.  The word itself means to stand tall and strong. The Hawaiian value of strength is - Ikaika. As a strength coach, my philosophy of training is simple – [read more...]

Apr 142014
Day 15: Ha'aha'a - Stay Humble, Be Ku

  On Day 14, I spoke about Kū Haʻaheo, to stand tall and strong with pride. But when living Ku it’s about finding the balance. There are so many quotes that nail on the idea that you must be humble.  That’s it.  Always be humble.  This brings many people to believe in order to not be considered arrogant and cocky, they bring themselves down [read more...]