Daniel Aipa

Daniel Aipa has a passion for training and writing. If he's not reading a book about training or improving his life, he's probably in the gym. He is the creator of THE AIPA PROJECT. He hopes to inspire and motivate you to constantly challenge yourself and take on projects of your own to become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

Dec 06 2013
Send Aloha Around the World

Together we can make a difference. You see, there are different sides to The Aipa Project.  When I first started this blog I only wrote about training, being strong, and nutrition, but that’s not what life is all about.  There’s more to life than just that.  Hell, there’s more to me than just that. In [read more...]

Dec 04 2013
Fitness and its Simplicity

Information is good.  But too much can leave you confused. Fitness is a topic many make more confusing than it really is.  There are magazines saying you ‘have’ to do this, then a so-called fitness guru says do that, a celebrity did this type of diet and workout, and your friends are telling you they [read more...]

Aloha to You

Posted by on 12/02/2013
Dec 02 2013
Aloha to You

It’s not very often that I click on a ‘submit’ button, let out a big sigh, and hug my wife. When I first published ‘Aloha to You’ – it was a simple downloadable PDF ebook. A project I worked on for almost a year. When I announced that my book was published and available to [read more...]