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Everyone once in awhile people call me crazy.

Yes, I am C.R.A.Z.Y

Back in California with the Football team, every Thursday was Coach Aipa’s Finisher.  Athletes would come to my office asking what’s on the agenda for the Finisher.

To be honest, I had no clue.  The only thing I knew was that I wanted to build up a lot of lactic acid, make them push themselves, motivate one another, and get C.R.A.Z.Y.

I considered it there metabolic conditioning.


This is a great finisher or it could be used for a workout if you are pressed for time.  How to do Aipa’s Crazy 8s is simple.  First you select 8 exercises and set them up in a non-competing fashion.  For example, don’t set up two leg exercises back to back.

Then you assign 8 repetitions for each exercise.  Simple. But this is where the fun and creativity begins.

Part of Aipa’s Crazy 8′s is to use one main source of equipment, either a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, kegs, and of course your bodyweight.

The object of Aipa’s Crazy 8s is to go through all the exercises with the least amount of rest in between exercises.  Lucky for you, I feel quite inspired and evil so I’ve programmed several Aipa Crazy 8s for you to give a try (enter evil laugh).


Equipment needed: Barbell

1. Push-ups (Hands on Barbell)
2. Deadlift
3.  Bent Over Row
4.  High Pull
5.  Front Squat
6.  Push Press
7.  Reverse Lunge
8.  Reverse Grip Pull-up
*Get ready to challenge the grip


Equipment needed: Pair of Dumbbells

1.  Push-ups
2.  Renegade Rows
3.  Burpees w/ dumbbells
4.  Bent Over Row
5.  Hammer Curls
6.  Alternating Shoulder Press
7.  Close Grip Push-ups (elbows in)
8.  Planks (30s)


1.  KB Deadlift
2.  KB Swings
3.  KB High Pulls
4.  KB Alt Clean and Press (4/side)
5.  KB Alt. Snatch (4/side)
6.  KB Front Squat
7.  KB Push-ups
8.  KB Overhead Sit-ups (use one KB)


Equipment needed: Dumbbell, Barbell, Dip Bar

1.  DB Curls
2.  Dips (if you can do 20 dips, then for 8 reps, lowers yourself for a 3-count and explode up to starting position)
3.  Barbell Reverse Curls
4.  Floor Barbell Skull Crushers
5.  DB Hammer Curls (Bring DB towards center line of chest)
6.  Close Grip Push-ups ((if you can do 20 dips, then for 8 reps, lowers yourself for a 3-count and explode up to starting position)
7.  Barbell Curls
8.  Floor Triceps Extensions

I think you all get the idea.  You have 4 workouts to give a try or you can go right ahead and make your own.

When should you use these workouts?

I like to prescribe these as a finisher or as a mini workout for those who need a quick but effective workouts.

If you are going to do these as a finisher, don’t save your energy for this.  Focus on the main training session and then for the finisher use a lighter weight.  The main goals for the Crazy 8s is for metabolic conditioning or metabolic resistance training (MRT) and to increase the volume of a muscle group(s) or an entire workout itself. Rest 2 minutes before you go for a second round.

Now for those who may use these workouts for a quick training session.  Rest 2-3 minutes after you complete the circuit and do 2-4 rounds depending on the time you have and your conditioning.  Even if you just get one round in, it’s better than nothing.  For the exercises that uses weights, you can load a bar with weight you would use for your weakest lift.  Or if possible, feel free to set up multiple stations with varying weights.

Overall, just remember to dig deep and get C.R.A.Z.Y

C – Courageous
R – Resilient
A – Accountable
Z – Zealous
Y – in the words of the Great Ronnie Coleman, “YEA BUDDY”


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