Dec 062012
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Coaching and Writing are my passions in life

Isn’t this crazy? According to Deloitte’s Shift Index – 80% of people hate their jobs.  Are you part of this 80%?

I used to be.

I’ve had 7 jobs in my lifetime.  I can’t say I really hated any one of them although there are two that come pretty close: produce delivery guy, and bouncer.

I was still in high school when I delivered produce to restaurants in Hawaii. Although I was making good money for being in high school, there were times I wanted to drive the van straight into the ocean or start throwing tomatoes at the chefs.

But I stuck with it because how could I turn down a paycheck in high school?

Then several years later I became a bouncer in Ithaca, NY.  Not really my first choice, but I was in desperate need of a job.  My hours were from 9PM-2AM and it was part-time.  Let me remind you, I’m a big time morning person.  Everyone knows my bedtime is at the latest 11PM.  But, I needed a paycheck.

Today, I’m lucky to wake up every morning and excited to go into work.  Even when I wake up at 4:45AM to get ready, ride my bike in to work, and arrive by 5:45AM.  My first training group starts at 6:00AM and then spend my day there until 6:00PM.

On top of this, I’ve reunited with an old friend – writing.  Everyday I write, and everyday I hope my writing touches people.

I don’t have much to complain about.  Why? Because I believe what I do can make a positive impact on someone’s life.

I’ve talked to many people and heard many stories from friends who can’t stand their jobs.  They dread Mondays and go crazy on Fridays only to dread the vision of Monday coming around the corner again.

You shouldn’t have to live this way.  We should all find something we love to do and do that on a daily basis.  The work you love is out there for you. You really need to ask yourself – Are you honestly ready to start the journey to find it?

To give you motivation – here is a 5-step exercise guide to help you on your search towards finding what you love.

Step 1 – Make a List of Your Passions.  Many don’t think about what they are truly passionate about.  Especially when you are stuck in you day to day routine.  Once you have your passions in front of you, think of how you can incorporate those into your day at work.  If you have a job you dislike, see how you can use your passion in your workplace.

Not much people would like to wake up at 4:45AM every morning to stay at work for 12 hours.  But within those 12 hours I get to do what I’m passionate about – helping others achieve their personal goals.

Step 2 – Find Inspiration.  Again thinking of your passions and what makes you happy.  Look for someone who is doing what you love doing. Find out more about their own journey, and who they are. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.  You’ll never know what may come out of it.

Step 3 – Experiment.  Try different things.  I’m not telling you to quit the job you have today. You need to make a living.  Instead, trying including what you love doing daily and take note of how you feel.  Put it out in the public, do it in the privacy of your own home, keep it within your friends – just do it.  By practicing your passions daily, there is a better chance for it to blossom into enjoying where you are now, you finding a better job, or starting your own business.

Step 4 – Attack Your Fears. Fear is the biggest obstacle keeping you from not doing what you love.  You doubt yourself and fear the possibility of failure.  This is normal.  When fear approaches – it’s the ultimate test of how much do you want it.  Once you overcome a particular fear it’s gone and you realize it wasn’t so bad after all.

You must acknowledge your fears and externalize it by writing it down. Embrace the feeling you get when you think about your fears, then take small steps toward overcoming a fear.  Each time you accomplish a small step, celebrate it, and do it again and again.

Step 5 – Take Action.  Work you love won’t come searching for you.  You have to take action and intentionally find it for yourself.  Rather than thinking, “I wish I could do _____” or “I am _____ but I’d rather be doing ______”.  Maybe you can’t do what you REALLY want to do in the job you have now, but you can figure out time during the day or week that you can.  It can become a side job/business you start-up yourself.  Overall – just do it. Don’t wait.


I know I said 5 steps but I got carried away and wanted to give you one more:

Step 6 – Believe in Yourself: Many think they aren’t good enough.  We are afraid we won’t be good enough when the right opportunity comes.  Don’t short change yourself, if you honestly begin doing what you truly love then you will always be giving it your best.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  Without any failure there is no success.  But more importantly, you must learn from those failures.

What Now?

You now have this quick guide to get you moving closer to find what you love.  You can begin right here in the comments by sharing what it is you love doing and what makes you happy.  By putting it out there, it will ignite the fire within you to take action.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.