Mar 252014

 Live Ku

1.) Love your family

2.) Never ‘grow up’

3.) Sing in the shower

“I enjoy singing in the shower because I receive a standing ovation every time.” – Aipa

4.) You CAN make a difference

5.) Connect and learn from nature

6.) You can’t give Aloha if you don’t have Aloha for yourself

7.) Say your pleases and thank yous, they go a long way

8.) It doesn’t matter what others think about you

9.) Go with the flow

10.) You can learn something from everyone you meet

11.) Declutter your living space

12.) Eat at the table with your family

13.) Don’t speak of negativity, scold, or nag ‘while the poi bow is uncovered‘.

14.) Be humble

“Dignity makes the smarter person humble, but at the same time stronger.” – Latin saying

15.) Be proud of your achievements and victories.  Lanakila!

16.) Do not fear competition

17.) People look for leaders, be a leader

18.) If people think you are crazy for doing what you are doing, you must be doing something right

19.) Take up leisure reading

20.) Enjoy arts and crafts time

21.) Learn about where you come from and your culture

22.) Build up your mana

23.) Sweat every day

24.) Be hospitable to those who enter your home

25.) Learn how to cook

“One of the reasons I love you is that you cook for me.” – My wife

26.) Be able to do your own laundry and iron your clothes

27.) Look into the person’s eyes when first meet them and smile, not just with your mouth but your eyes as well

28.) When you ask ‘How are you?’ actually mean it

29.) Be Ahonui

30.) Say less, listen more

31.) Don’t be afraid to speak up

32.) Get out of debt

33.) Half your monthly expenses. It can be done

34.) Don’t waste your time getting into arguments on the internet

35.) Respect your elders

36.) Know the names of the people you meet. Repeat their names when you first meet them

37.) Do not fear failure.  If there was no failure then there would be no such thing as success

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve; the fear of failure.” – Paul Coelho

38.) Believe you are the best dancer ever

39.) Be the glue that holds the family together

40.) Go out and meet new people

41.) Being competitive is not a bad thing

42.) Understand that Aloha isn’t always about welcoming with open arms

43.) Don’t forget about traditions

44.) Get your hands dirty

45.) Cut out the negative people in your life

46.) Be the first to reach for the check

47.) Drink Coffee

48.) Create your own project

“In life people trip. Most people fall. Some people turn that trip into a beautiful, beautiful dance.” – John Mayer (Yup, I just quote Mayer)

49.) Don’t take yourself so seriously

“You should rather be grateful for the weeds you have in your mind, because eventually they will enrich your practice.” – Zen saying

50.) If you see a weed, pick it.

51.) You can’t make everyone happy. Stop trying to please everyone

52.) Stay off your cell phone while at the dinner table or talking with someone

53.) Be Nalu

54.) Help others get better

55.) Make more time to spend with family and friends

56.) Laugh and smile more

57.) Live Ku! Be Strong

Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.