5 Ways to Stay Motivated

 Posted by on 05/13/2011
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1. Get Excited -Setting out on achieving a goal should be exciting.  You made the decision, now go and get it.  After a workout you should feel motivated and alive because each workout your complete you are closer to attaining that goal.  If you look at your workouts and diet as a chore, it will be a long road.  Get excited.

2. Announce it – Telling people you know about your goal will help you create a great support group.  You will be surprised on how much people you will inspire by showing them how motivated you are.  When I decided to do my own transformation and step on the bodybuilding stage for the first time, I was amazed at the amount of support I got from family, friends, and people on message boards (especially, Muscle and Brawn).

3. Stay Positive – In all honesty, achieving a goal such as transforming your body, is a difficult task.  If it wasn’t difficult then obesity wouldn’t be a problem.  That’s why it is so important to keep a positive outlook on your journey towards your goal.  Don’t get caught up on the difficulties, focus on why you decided to embark on the journey and envision the outcome.  If you do that, all those rough times  will fade away.

4. Embrace the Fear – I’m old school in the way of thought.  During my transformation, there were times when I wanted to throw up the white flag during a workout.  I remember sitting on a bench and questioning whether or not I should call it the day. But those are the times when you can embrace the fear of failure.  Grab on to the fear and hold it until the beast fears you.  Once you start welcoming that challenge, you will continuously feel empowered because you will be in charge of yourself.

5.  Inspire Others – It’s important to stay humble.  For as much support you may be receiving, you should be giving just as much back to others around you.  And if you aren’t receiving much support, you still give.  In the end, you will have achieved your goal and also become a better person all around.

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  1. Great words to live by as I tackle a new project of my own!

  2. Just some easy things to think about when you are going towards a goal..what’s your project?

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